About Tenderfoot.....

Tenderfoot Stables Corp. was started by Ken and Julia Shaull in 1990. The mission of Tenderfoot Stables was to help new riders and horse owners as they start out their journey with horses, hence the name "tenderfoot". Tenderfoot also strives to provide quality, customized horse care at an affordable price for all of our boarders. Ken and Julia's legacy continues today through their granddaughter, Lydia.

Perks of Boarding At Tenderfoot

  • 46 acres of fenced in pasture that is fertilized, limed, seeded and well cared for on a yearly basis
  • personalized worming plans for your horse based on fecal counts taken throughout the grazing season

  • barn open to boarders 24/7, come whenever you please
  • outdoor riding ring (150' by 300') with outdoor lighting and a small indoor area for riding
  • lots of trails and backroads to ride
  • tackroom storage
  • wash stall
  • a bunkhouse with a small kitchen, refrigerator, and tv available for your use
  • transporting your horse, and/or trailer storage, as available
  • events such as picnics, barn rides, etc
  • jumps/objects available for use
  • gator-available for those days it is just too hot to walk out into the field and get your horse
  • friendly people who are always there to help with your needs
  • a dedicated team that is constantly researching how to improve upon your horses' care
  • monthly email updates on barn events and news