At Tenderfoot Stables, our goal is a safe, fun, educational experience for all! Western and English Riders of all levels are welcome. All riders will also learn basic horsemanship skills such as grooming and tacking the horse. 

Happy Riding!


-Monthly lesson package is prepaid at a discounted rate and scheduled on the 1st ride of the month.

-Your lesson will be on the same day, at the same time, each week.

-Payment is for 1 lesson, per week, per month. Some months will have 4 weeks(4 lessons) others 5 weeks(5 lessons)

-Cancelled lessons must be made up within the same month.

-24 hour cancellation notice is required. Cancellation due to illness can be made by 8am the morning of the lesson.

-“No show” will result in a forfeit of the lesson, with no refund for that lesson.

-Any lessons cancelled by the Farm will be rescheduled.


-These lessons are scheduled at any time, but in advance and where there are available time slots.

-These lessons are not discounted.

-In the event of a “no show” the scheduled lesson will have to be paid for before any following lessons will be scheduled.

-Any lessons cancelled by the Farm will be rescheduled.

Rates: (Effective as of September 1, 2016)

Group Lesson                                                                                  $35.00 per 1 hr. 

Private Lesson                                                                                $45.00 per 1 hr.

Private Lesson                                                                                $35.00 per ½ hr.

Monthly Group Lesson Package                                                   $30.00 per 1 hr. 

Monthly Private Lesson Package                                                  $40.00 per 1 hr.

Monthly Private Lesson Package                                                  $30.00 per ½ hr.

*Once the rider has enough experience to groom and tack on their own, they may arrive 15 minutes early to be groomed and tacked by the scheduled lesson time. 

*New for 2017*

English/Western Riding 3-day Camps and Show Opportunities-see below!